Things to do in September – School Districts

Important Administrative Things to do This Month for School Districts 

(This “to do list” is intended to provide a synopsis of a few of the tasks normally started or performed during this month.  The list is obviously not exhaustive in nature and is designed only as a “reminder” to be supplemented by each Personnel/Human Resources Department’s specific duties.)


  • Continue the selection and employment of classified and certificated personnel
  • Monitor enrollment and adjust staff assignments as needed
  • Make final check on the receipt of required new teachers’ employment documents
  • Provide inservice training for substitute teachers and new principals


  • Meet with management leadership team to review the annual goals and objectives of the district
  • Submit annual extra-curricular activities assignments calendar for board review and approval
  • Meet with board of trustees to introduce new teachers and/or administrators
  • Meet with certificated and classified staff regarding safety issues such as preventing exposure to HIV or other blood-borne pathogens, and handling hazardous materials (refer to statute)


  • Compile district directory of information; print and distribute
  • Revise certificated employment notices as necessary
  • Prepare and distribute employee evaluation timeline to managers/supervisors; present annual evaluation workshop to all supervisors
  • Finalize annual activities calendar and submit to board of trustees
  • Update certificated and classified seniority lists
  • Calculate and update annual salary schedules (post-collective bargaining)
  • Finalize budget/staffing lists for September 30 payroll

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