Things to do in October – School Districts

Important Administrative Things to do This Month for School Districts

(This “to do list” is intended to provide a synopsis of a few of the tasks normally started or performed during this month.  The list is obviously not exhaustive in nature and is designed only as a “reminder” to be supplemented by each Personnel/Human Resources Department’s specific duties.)


  • Begin review and revision process of job descriptions
  • Compile and complete CBEDS reporting
  • Compile equal opportunity/nondiscrimination information and forms
  • Participate in student teacher inservice training (local colleges/universities)
  • Coordinate Professional Growth Day activities


(The entitled “General” checklists are ongoing tasks for consideration at various times throughout the year.  The lists are obviously not exhaustive in nature and are designed only as a “reminder.”)

  • Conduct classroom visitations/observations of new teachers
  • Monitor district-sponsored professional growth opportunities for classified/certificated and management personnel
  • Process unemployment insurance claims
  • Monitor and maintain employee sick leave records
  • Monitor and maintain ADA records as necessary

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