Things to do in March – School Districts

Important Administrative Things to do This Month for School Districts

(This “to do list” is intended to provide a synopsis of a few of the tasks normally started or performed during this month.  The list is obviously not exhaustive in nature and is designed only as a “reminder” to be supplemented by each Personnel/Human Resources Department’s specific duties.)

  • Verify that all classified job descriptions are updated to meet current state and federal mandates
  • Conduct a job description audit if this has not been done within the last 3 years
  • Make written notifications pursuant to board action:
    • Notify administrators regarding possibility of transfer/reassignment or release by March 15
    • Notify probationary I and probationary II certificated employees in writing of the possibility of, or decision regarding, non-reemployment
    • Notify certificated personnel in writing of layoff due to decline in ADA or reduction in levels of existing programs or services
      • Prepare an agenda item regarding the reemployment of probationary/permanent certificated staff
  • Meet with temporary/categorically funded teachers and classified employees (e.g., instructional aides) regarding their employment status for the next school year
  • Issue continuing employment contracts
  • Monitor/assist principals with certificated evaluations
  • Review collective bargaining agreements for requirements specified for this month
  • Review policies, handbooks and school district regulations for other obligations and tasks to be started and performed during the spring
  • Confirm dates for teacher recruiting fairs
  • Send personal letters to graduates inviting them to interview with the district on-site or at a future recruitment activity
  • Include calendar of upcoming recruiting events

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