Things to do in June – Community College Districts

Important Administrative Things to do This Month for Community College Districts

(This “to do list” is intended to provide a synopsis of a few of the tasks normally started or performed during this month.  The list is obviously not exhaustive in nature and is designed only as a “reminder” to be supplemented by each Personnel/Human Resources Department’s specific duties.)

  • Consider transfer requests
  • Proceed according to final board action regarding:

∼ Notification of transfer

∼ Reassignment of administrators

  • Update procedure, salary, handbooks, etc. for:

∼ Substitute faculty

∼ Permanent faculty

∼ New employees

∼ Administrative staff and board of trustees

  • Schedule exit interviews as necessary (retirees, resignations, terminations)
  • Host employee retirement receptions
  • Prepare end of year reports for the personnel office/board of trustees
  • Notify new employees of staff development activities

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