Things to do in December – School Districts

Important Administrative Things to do This Month for School Districts

(This “to do list” is intended to provide a synopsis of a few of the tasks normally started or performed during this month.  The list is obviously not exhaustive in nature and is designed only as a “reminder” to be supplemented by each Personnel/Human Resources Department’s specific duties.)

  • Review certificated employee evaluations submitted to Human Resource office
  • Consider transfer/reassignment request made by employees for upcoming school year
  • Review and revise district policy manual as necessary (Education Code § 35010(b))
  • Prepare and present annual teacher assignment report to board of trustees
  • Review classified job/position descriptions (ADA/legislated mandates)
  • Audit employee sick leave records
  • Counsel with principals regarding remediation plans written for teachers who received ratings of “needs to improve” or “unsatisfactory” performance, and implement remediation recommendations
  • Update substitute teacher pool for second semester
  • Update uniform complaint procedures to ensure compliance with California Education Code § 35186
  • Post notices in classrooms concerning complaints about instructional materials and facilities

(The entitled “General” checklist is a listing of ongoing tasks for consideration at various times throughout the year.  The list is obviously not exhaustive in nature and is designed only as a “general reminder.”)

  • Begin projecting staffing needs for upcoming school year
  • Evaluate student teacher/substitute teacher performance
  • Evaluate new teacher performance
  • Counsel new teachers as part of continuing orientation process
  • Identify areas for future inservice training
  • Update job descriptions (possible subject to negotiations)

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