Best attorney I have worked with!

I have worked in the world of HR for over 20 years. I have worked with a tremendous number of attorneys in different capacities. Out of all of my experiences, Randy has been the best to work with. He is a no-nonsense attorney who actually “gets” the situations that we as employers find ourselves in. His skill and expertise has allowed us to successfully navigate several choppy waters of litigation and legal matters and has saved our organization literally millions of dollars of actual or potential claims that would have come without his advise and counsel.

Randy brings both depth and breadth of experience and expertise. His staff also brings a powerhouse of strength to support any employer in all kinds of situations. In my role as VP of HR, we have been able to work with Randy as a strategic partner on current issues…but most importantly, with Randy’s help we were able to avoid many legal landmines. Unlike most attorneys, Randy takes a common sense approach to legal matters to provide complete answers and all the information needed to make the best business decisions possible.

Please feel free to reach out to me directly for additional questions or references regarding Randy and his firm, Erickson Law Firm.

-Dr. Wade M. Larson, Chief Human Resources Officer at Wagstaff Incorporated

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