Often times employee job descriptions are not current nor in compliance with legislative recommendations and mandates. With constantly evolving legal requirements for worker’s compensation, disability, and reasonable accommodations, job descriptions should be a high priority. If there is ever a reason to defend against a disability or worker’s compensation claim, the first thing a hearing officer will ask for is the employee’s job description.

Job descriptions should present an accurate picture that is understandable and meaningful to the job holder, supervisor, and other informed persons both within and outside the district. A good job description is up to date and remains valid regardless of who holds the job.

The updating/upgrading of existing documents is an orderly, systematic, and sequential procedure that is accomplished without interference with the district’s ongoing work. It is also a mandated cost which provides the district the unique opportunity to make a needed and significant improvement in the broad area of human resources at no cost to the district.

At the Erickson Law Firm, we believe that our clients’ interest are most effectively served when they take preventive, proactive measures before trouble arises. Based upon this belief, we would welcome the opportunity to share with you in more detail how we believe our firm is uniquely prepared to provide effective and timely assistance to your district to ensure that your employee classification and job descriptions are current, comprehensive and legally defendable.