The operational heart of school and college districts are often memorialized in the policies of its governing board. As such, a district is necessarily benefited by an annual review of any and all written board of education policies. In our judgment, the degree to which a school or college district carefully and consistently manages its policies is manifested in the beneficial aspects of efficiency, effectiveness, and the overall well-being of the educational institution.

In our review of district policy manuals, we find that unless policy manuals are updated annually, there are usually a number of policies and regulations that need to be completely revised and/or rewritten because they are internally inconsistent, outdated, or in conflict with prevailing provisions of law. More importantly, there are recent legislative changes in particular that impact policies on student suspension and exclusion as well as governance changes, i.e., Brown Act, Student Transportation, Americans With Disabilities Act, Special Education, and Independent Study.

Our talented team of attorneys are prepared to assist you in refining your current board policies to not only ensure that they are consistent with current state and federal statutes, but that each policy is effectively integrated into your district in a manner that supports the achievement of your district’s unique and important educational goals and objectives.

Erickson Law Firm works with a wide variety of school and college districts, from the very small to the very large, to customize each district’s board policies not only ensuring legal compliance, but drafting these policies and procedures in a manner that reflects the unique nature of each district.

We invite you to contact our office to discuss how we can assist your district in maximizing student and organizational productivity through the development and maintenance of easily understood, well articulated and effective board policies and administrative regulations.