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    Ms. Morissette graduated from California Western School of Law, on the Dean’s List, having been the editor of Pro Confesso.  She received her bachelors in Political Science with a minor in Latin American Studies, as a Presidential Honors Recipient.

    Prior to jointing Erickson Law Firm, Ms. Morrisette represented clients in corporate, criminal, workers’ compensation, and personal injury matters. She has successfully represented clients before Federal District Courts, the California Superior Courts, and California Court of Appeals, as well as the Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board. In addition to her legal background, Ms. Morissette has approximately fifteen years of experience teaching law at the community college level and at a private university. While a tenured professor, Ms. Morissette achieved American Bar Approval for the program she directed, served as Academic Senate President, and produced new editions of her two textbooks. Ms. Morissette has been a lead on accreditation teams with the Western Association of Schools and ABA. Ms. Morissette’s experience as Academic Senate President, sitting on a wide variety of high level community college committees, is to the benefit of our clients.

    Ms. Morissette is an avid horseback rider and reader.