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    Mr. Lacy earned his Juris Doctor from Thomas Jefferson School of Law, graduating in the top 5% of his class.  Mr. Lacy also obtained a bachelor’s degree in Political Science and Legal Studies, with a certificate in alternative dispute resolution from California State University, Chico.  Mr. Lacy’s practice focuses on providing general counsel to educational institutions, including K-12 school districts, community college districts, and universities, as well as auxiliary organizations and other entities that provide support to educational institutions. 

    In his practice, Mr. Lacy has advised clients on facilities and business issues, including all phases of construction and construction disputes, contracting, procurement, transportation, real estate transactions and due diligence, categorical program audits, and numerous others.  Mr. Lacy has been engaged in construction advice and litigation (public works and non-public works) since he began his career and has assisted clients with construction projects from inception through final occupancy, including numerous forms of construction disputes, such as general contractor/subcontractor disputes, bid protests, scope of work disputes, critical path delays and damages, back charges, general contractor and subcontractor non-performance, construction defects, and others.   Mr. Lacy is also experienced in handling various types of real estate transactions, from drafting of the purchase agreement to due diligence to final recording of the deed.

    Mr. Lacy has also spent much of his career counseling clients on labor and employment issues, including the preparation of administrative hearing briefs and argument at administrative hearings, as well as conducting workplace investigations, including Title IX compliant investigations.  Mr. Lacy is certified in Civil Rights and Title IX investigations through the Association of Title IX Administrators (ATIXA) and had conducted numerous investigations at community colleges and public universities.

    Mr. Lacy also enjoys all aspects of board governance, including providing trainings to new board members.  Mr. Lacy is also highly experienced in issues of general liability for public entities, such as unsafe conditions of public property and other unsafe practices of educational institutions.  Mr. Lacy has tried cases in state and federal court, on behalf of public and private entities.  Mr. Lacy also has significant experience in alternative dispute resolution, having participated in mediations, mandatory settlement conferences, and arbitrations throughout his career.        

    Mr. Lacy is a former assistant city attorney and has significant experience in municipal law, which gives Mr. Lacy experience and understanding in addressing problems presented by a city or municipality. 

    Mr. Lacy has also presented numerous times on subjects relevant to Community College Districts, CCD Presidents/Vice Presidents, and their Boards, such as Brown Act, records retention, board governance, parliamentary procedure, CPRA/FOIA, and conflicts of interest.