Erickson Law Firm A.P.C. was founded in 2016 by Rex Randall Erickson, an attorney with more than 24 years of experience representing public entities and a former partner in Zampi, Determan & Erickson LLP. Erickson Law Firm represents public and charter schools, community college districts, educational auxiliary organizations, and other public and private clients in all aspects of labor and collective bargaining, management and employment, facilities and construction, and general education law. Mr. Erickson is joined by four associates who share outstanding academic backgrounds, as well as a sincere commitment to legal excellence. The quality of our firm rests upon the quality of our attorneys, their accessibility and efficiency. The firm’s attorneys have a broad geographical and educational background, and their diversity and individuality create a working environment that fosters the positive development of individual and personal styles of practice.

We provide high-quality, cost-effective legal services to a wide variety of school, community college districts, auxiliary organizations, and private sector clients throughout the state of California. The firm prides itself on the immediacy of client response and our attorneys are willing and able to respond to the needs of our clients promptly, efficiently and upon short notice. It is the philosophy of our law firm that labor client matters do not wait, and a decision to represent a client means immediate availability of legal assistance. To facilitate personal interaction between the firm and our clients, all of our clients have the cell or home number of at least one attorney in our firm. We also do not charge for travel time.


The attorneys of Erickson Law Firm have handled numerous matters before the state and federal courts, Public Employment Relations Board, Department of Fair Employment and Housing, Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, U.S. Office for Civil rights, the California Employment Development Division and the State Labor Commissioner.


The proof of the professionalism and quality of our attorneys can be demonstrated by their proven track record. Our success rate in representing our clients is unsurpassed on many levels. Our firm and its predecessors have represented more than half a dozen schools and colleges throughout the State of California for fifteen years or longer, and some for more than twenty years. While the outcome of any matter is never assured, and occasional adverse rulings are inevitable, we are proud of having represented several districts in dozens of matters, and a few districts in hundreds of matters, without a single adverse decision, ruling, or judgment in any lawsuit, layoff hearing, unfair practice charge, or grievance arbitration. Although difficult to measure, we are confident that there are substantially even more matters that were dealt with or resolved before becoming full-blown disputes because of the preventative advice that we provided to that client. We understand that the bottom line is the result, and we take pride in providing the highest quality of service and obtaining the best result for our clients at a reasonable price.

Willingness and Ability to Respond

The foundation of our firm is the willingness and ability to respond to the needs of the Board, Superintendent, and other administrators promptly, efficiently and upon relatively short notice. In our opinion, these services are some of the most essential and those which anchor the effective governance and management practices of outstanding school and community college districts. Indeed, in our opinion, clients should demand these kinds of services from the law firm it has chosen to represent them. Above all, it is the philosophy and commitment of our law firm that critical school district issues, including lawsuits, school construction and labor relations matters, do not wait. As a result, Erickson Law Firm is committed to providing immediate access to attorneys (usually within minutes) when legal advice or assistance is needed, seven days a week, 24 hours a day. Most, if not all, of our clients have the home and cell phone numbers of at least one of our attorneys.


Erickson Law Firm
2878 Camino Del Rio South, Suite 115
San Diego, California 92108
The toll free number is (800) 864-8111.

Although the firm is based in San Diego, we represent clients as far north as Eureka and Susanville. We recognize that being located in San Diego can sometimes be raised as an issue. We have taken steps to ensure that our location is never an issue. As part of our commitment to our clients, we do not charge for travel time. Our attorneys are readily accessible to district administrators and board members during the day, at night, and on weekends, and we will always have an attorney available to you for board meetings, labor negotiations or any other needs you might have

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